How To Get My Ex Back Fast - Why Your Ex Needs Space Right Now

Published: 03rd March 2009
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When a break up occurs and it's one-sided the biggest question someone spurned will ask is how to get my ex back fast. Well, the truth is, there is really no hard and fast way to do this but following some well proven steps can see you back in the arms of your ex quicker than you thought.

So why do people break up? Well, other than infidelity which is one of the major reasons others include:

- your ex needs space

- family problems

- insecurities

- fear of commitment

How To Get My Ex Back Fast

Let's take a look at some of the things you need to do to get back back on the path of experiencing the magic of making up again.

1. No matter how badly you want them back you need to maintain your pride. Why? Because acting needy is a sure way to push them even further away. It's unattractive and people tend to shy away from people with a needy attitude. It's a way to show them that it's their loss and not yours.

2. Your ex may simply be in that area of needing space. If the break up had nothing to do with infidelity then some of the issues above are likely to come into play. Keep communication to a minimum during this time. Avoid wanting to speak with them all the time. Keep your phone conversations brief. In fact, keep all communication brief.

3. You are looking for signs that they are still interested in you. By being a little distant you are giving them time to miss you. This is a crucial time and any major advances on your part could go against you.

4. When you do strike up a conversation with them focus on the good times and memories you shared together. This is not a time to start pushing them into making a decision or dredging up bad experiences. Once again, you need to take the initiative and keep the discussion reasonably brief. Let them know you need to catch up with some friends or even a close friend you have been seeing casually.

5. Be a friend to them and if they are not responding in the way you want then you need to really accept it for what it is. But if they are definitely showing interest it may be time to let them know how you feel but in a way that you don't come across helpless and needy. This is the last thing you want to do. You need to portray an attitude of take it or leave it.

The question of how to get my ex back fast needs to be looked at realistically. There is no quick way and by following the steps above and letting natural forces run their course, if it was just an aberration then making up will more than likely happen. But not if you act all desperate which is likely to drive them away for good.

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